A few weeks back I had the idea to create an online tool to manage sets of colors, just like Adobe Color, but better. What I don't like about Adobe Color is, that I cannot create sets of colors with more or less than five colors, so if I wanted to create a color sheet for my new app, but I only need four colors - bad luck, there is one useless color floating around which is just - not perfect.

Let's say I wanted to have a sheet with six or seven colors - then that's also not possible with Adobe Color. I just wanted to have a tool, that gives me more freedom and at the same time look a bit more modern, because to be honest, Adobes tool is just... not so great looking.

So I went on to create my own solution and here it is!

Palettes allows you to create sheets with a completely various number of colors. You can also name your colors, to keep track of which one is used for which purpose, share your collections via a unique link and explore the creations of others in the Popular Palettes section on the front page (just scroll down ;)) The most visited palettes are listed there, so you can find inspiring collections for your own projects.

What is to come?

Palettes is not finished. It's core features are ready to use, but I'm planning to improve it in the future. There are a few features I'm already thinking about adding:

Missing a feature?

If you are thinking about a feature you would love to see in palettes, just add a comment below or write me an email to info@pxsnake.de and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy using Palettes, see you soon!