The progress towards version 0.7 is moving along nicely, so I thought it might be the time to give you some updates. Here's what is to come in version 0.7 of NetworX:

Multiline Segments

What might sound a bit confusing in the first place, is actually a pretty big improvement, mostly for people who tend to use the steps line mode. By now, a connection between two stations, also called "segment", is individually treated from each other segment on the map. This is not the case anymore in v0.7, where segments connecting the same pair of stations now know each other, meaning they can see, which way the other segments take and actively adapt to it.

An example: Below 0.7, connecting a pair of stations with three connections, all in the steps line mode, looked somewhat like this:

Aligning the segments to have equal distance only using the orientation points seems impossible. In 0.7 and later, all these segments will have one single orientation point in common and adapt to each other, having equal space and dynamic corner radi, making them look much more clean and beautiful:

This also works with all other linemodes, of course.

Additionally, you will be able to reorder a group of segments connecting the same pair of stations, simply by selecting them and bringing up the connection editor.

One way segments

0.7 will introduce oneway segments. These will have a small arrow sticked to them, showing in which direction the line serves.

Bug fixes

0.7 will also fix some known bugs. Here's a list, if you are interested: